Budgetary Governance and Fiscal Responsibility– I will place the highest value on reviewing, adjusting and implementing new financial oversight and cost management practices to rein in government spending, put a stop to budgetary expansion, and create public value with tax and spending policies. As part of the Newport Beach City Council, I will focus on the city’s looming pension obligations (estimate to be in excess of $265 million) alleviating a future budget crisis.

Commitment to Financial Stewardship and Transparency – As a steward of the taxpayer’s money, I will prioritize those dollars where it matters most to the citizens and businesses of Newport Beach. To ensure this is done, I will actively engage with you and make sure your voices are heard as well as communicate our initiatives and progress through timely communications and stakeholder meetings.

Infrastructure Improvement– I will ensure that the city will invest in local infrastructure as it directly impacts economic vitality. Newport Beach’s infrastructure is aging. One of government’s primary responsibilities is to maintain public infrastructure within its control. Whether it is our beautiful harbor, underground utilities, network of roads, etc., the city must prioritize its dollars to maintain these valuable public assets for its citizens, and proactively attract new businesses into the community.

Curb Drug Use In Our High Schools-Drugs in our local high schools have skyrocketed to alarming levels. Heroin and prescription drug abuse have become all too common in today’s schools. I will work with our local police, school boards, non-profit organizations such as D.A.R.E., and most importantly parents to focus on curbing illegal drug use. We cannot let our children fall prey to this epidemic.

Quality of Life As residents of this wonderful city, we know Newport Beach is an extra special place with some of the nicest weather in the world, attractive residential communities with top ranked schools (Corona Del Mar ranked best high school by U.S. News), beautiful beach and bay waterways, high-end shopping, fine dining and world-class golf. We must keep it that way by preserving what makes Newport Beach great while implementing smart growth strategies as well as public security and safety measures that preserve our special character and at the same time revitalize the parts of the city and commercial centers that are in decline or have been neglected. I will preserve the special character of Newport Beach that makes this the best place in California to live, work, and play for families, seniors and the business community.